January 20, 2022

#Arts&SocietyForum: What’s in store for the arts in 2022?

This is a recording from the Arts & Society Forum event - What’s in store for the arts in 2022? - that took place on 10 January 2022: https://fb.me/e/7cT8pWcle

What can we expect of the arts in 2022? On the one hand, the measures taken to protect us against COVID19 have imposed onerous restrictions on the arts, closing down theatres, museums, galleries and most other venues. But the arts seem to be returning to life with renewed (if somewhat cautious) energy.

On the other hand, controversy continues to dog the arts, whether it’s what to put on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square, sponsors and patrons with unsavoury histories, artists who fall foul of new moral codes, or increasing calls for censorship and cancellation. These controversies might help to keep the arts in the public eye, but what impact do they have on artistic development and production? What can we expect in terms of new work of artistic merit?

As 2022 gets started, after two years of hiatus and disruption, can we expect things to get better or worse? Are there any potential events or developments that we can anticipate with excitement or dread? How will the arts respond to the challenges likely to face us in 2022? How will each of the arts fare in the coming year?

Listen to Niall Crowley, Jonathan Grant, Rachel Jordon, Michael Nath, Vicky Richardson and Wendy Earle discuss.

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