Academy of Ideas

Can biotech lead an economic revolution?

December 7, 2017

Recording of the debate at the Battle of Ideas 2017 at The Barbican in London, in partnership with Immunocore.

The new Life Sciences Industrial Strategy claims that ‘in a country where productivity is a major challenge, public sector life sciences discovery activity… is dramatically more productive compared to other countries such as the USA or Germany’. What role will biotechnology play in the industries of tomorrow? Will it predominate as a durable, sizeable and job-creating sector, helping to turn around the UK’s flagging productivity, or does its value rest more in its place at the vanguard?


Dr Eliot Forster
CEO, Immunocore; chairman, MedCity

Professor Robin Lovell-Badge
group leader in stem cell biology and developmental genetics, Francis Crick Institute

Bethan Wolfenden
co-founder, Bento Bio