Academy of Ideas

In the wake of Weinstein: #MeToo, calling out and sexual harassment

November 24, 2017

Recording of the Battle of Ideas Stockholm 2017 debate at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern.

(Please note, there is a very short introduction to the recording in Swedish, but the debate is in English.)

Is #MeToo a valuable way for the everywoman to show solidarity with victims and raise awareness of the broader problems of sexual harassment everywhere? Or does it stir up the gender wars, exaggerating the idea that most men are sexual predators and most women their victims? What does #MeToo reveal about deeper cultural trends?


Dr Jan Macvarish
visiting research fellow, Centre for Parenting Culture Studies, University of Kent

Marte Michelet
journalist and author

Jonathan Rollins
stand-up comedian

Cissi Wallin
television and radio personality